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    • Are you feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied?
    • Are you STUCK and not sure how to make the changes you want to see?
    • Do you need more balance and peace in your life?
    • Does everyone and everything come before you?
    • Are you still struggling with bad habits that you jut can't seem to shake?
    • Are you feeling overwhelmed with the pressure and expectations of life?
    • Do wish you had a deeper connection with your family and friends?

Overcome the inner conflict, overwhelm and negative mindset that has kept you struggling with self-judgement, and shift to a mindset of compassion and kindness.

Learn to Flow With Life, Not Against It.

Life can feel overwhelming and our nurturing selves tend to neglect our own needs and put the needs of others first.

I have helped hundreds of women to achieve wellness by nurturing the relationship they have with themselves first! This then allowed them to find the balance and peace that they were searching for and have a ripple effect on all the other areas of their lives - relationships with  children, family, friends and loved ones, careers and their businesses.

How To Work With Me!

I offer one on one online coaching packages via Zoom or phone.




    Working with Christine has been life-changing. Before I was experiencing daily anxiety and        panic attacks but now I am well equipped with the tools/practices I need to overcome these      feelings. Every single session has been mind-blowing and for the first time in years I feel            whatever was blocking me from achieving my best has gone. Thank-you Christine!

 Sally Nixon



     Energy Healing with Christine, wow!

    Christine's Energy Healing Sessions have shown me that anything in my life I want to shift -        can shift without any effort at all.
     Her sessions align, they're clear and they help create change - but I really didn't need to do        anything apart from show up!
     The blocks that were holding me from living my best life have dissolved and the feeling of          freedom with that is magical.

Mia Jones



The energy process was INCREDIBLE. I never experienced anything this transformational IN MY LIFE. and I've done sooo many healing modalities and trainings in my life. That day and the next day I woke up feeling myself. It was like I felt human again. I felt my energy back. I'm now moving out of the lethargy and low energy towards my goals. It's like taking this load of crap off me.Thank you.

Having slowed down a bit. I'm getting those wins coming to me. I'm being more space. Having the ability to have these realisations. Making a lot of progress not external progress as much as internal shifts … Internal shifts is where most of the shifts have happened. I'm really embracing that because this is really new for me. Creating space for myself. I'm embodying that now. I'm seeing it's the inner stuff that's enabled it to happen my physical reality to change. I pull myself up on thoughts and it goes out the window before I even hold onto it.  

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